Strength: 20mins Overhead squat build to 5RM…   WOD: For time 400m run, then 5 rounds 15 OH squats 50/35kg, 9BF burpees, 400m run

Strength: 20 mins 7×3 Front squats across, between each set do 7 strict L-sits with a 3-5 sec pause..   WOD: 7min AMRAP 14 Front squats 60/40kg, 7 C2B…   rest 3 mins   7 min AMRAP 7 T2B, 14 Back squats

WOD: 30min amrap 1 round 9/7/5, power clean, s2oh 50/30kg. then 1 round @ 60/40kg. Then 1 round @ 70/45kg. then 1 round @ 80/50kg. then 1 round @ 90/60kg… straight into 1km run… then go back through starting at 90/60kg working down

Interval Day: Warm up movements   For time: 5 rounds 20 KB swings (choose a weight you can do unbroken but be hard), 20 Wall balls 9/6kg, 200m run, 2 min rest between rounds (they are sprints)   then EMOM x10 30-40 double unders and 3-5 burpees (in same minute)

Gymnastics: 15mins HSPU/Pistol squat tech…   WOD: 7min AMRAP 7 HSPU, 14 pistol squats   3 min rest   then every minute for as long as possible perform: 10 alt db snatches 22.5/15kg, 10 alt OH lunges   *add 2 db snatches every min (move straight into round 2 don’t wait for the minute)

Skill: 10mins Double under work… then EMOM x8 30 double unders + 5-9 burpees…   WOD: For time 100 double unders, 10-1 OH squat 50/35kg 1-10 pull ups, 100 double unders

Strength: set a 1 RM Squat snatch 20mins…   WOD: For time *9*7*5*3*1 Squat snatch (80/50kg) *= 5 burpee bar MU/7 burpee c2b/9 burpee pull ups

WOD: Every 4 mins for as long as possible complete the following: 400m run, 20 KB swings 24/16kg, 10 WB 9/6kg move straight in to your next round you will have until 8min mark to finish round 2. 12min round 3 etc etc… You must add 2 Wall balls to each round

Strength: 5 sets (1 set every 3 mins) not for time max T2B + 2 rope climbs   WOD: 12min AMRAP 20 Sit ups, 10 push ups, 1x rope climb (legless)   Then   3x 400m runs (rest = run)