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Skill: Ring MU tech

5 Ring Muscle Ups
40 KB Swings 32/24
400m run
10 Ring Muscle Ups
30 KB Swings
400m run
15 Ring Muscle Ups
20 KB Swings
400m run

Scale Reps of Ring MU. Scale Ring MU to Bar MU.

1 burpee + TTB + pull up = 1 MU or

5 burpee + knee raise (in a row) then 5 Ring rows = 5 Ring MU

scale the weight of the KB.

scale the 400m run if it takes you longer than 3mins .

Build to a 1 RM thruster from the ground


Regionals EVENT 6

For time:

4 rope climbs
16 thrusters 70/47.5kg
3 rope climbs
12 thrusters
2 rope climbs
8 thrusters

TC: 15 mins

If you think you are capable. Have a crack at RX even if you think you might get time capped. Otherwise scale as follows. Scale the weight of thrusters. Scale the number of rope climbs. Scale rope climbs to jump + foot grabs ie 1 jump + foot grabs = 1 rope climb OR lay to stands


Clean & Jerk complex

1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat clean + 1 Jerk

Build to a technical max



4 rounds

10 STOH 50/35kg

15 TTB

25 Wall Balls – 4 burpee penalty if you break

400m Run


scales: weight of STOH. TTB to kipping with leg raise (ie as high as you can go and while maintaining kip). Wall balls scale the weight and reps to something you could do UB (for sure) in first set … rounds 2-4 should be challenging

HSPU technique

20 min EMOM
1) 15 HSPU
2) 5 deadlift 150/100
3) 15/12 cal Airbike
4) 100m Run

scale reps of HSPU as needed. 1x Abmat at the most. if no HSPU then 1-3 wall walks

scale deadlift to challenging but UB set

scale airbike cals to a number you can complete in 35 seconds or less (not max effort but going hard)

Scale run so that it takes you 45 seconds max