Warmup: 400m row -then 2 rounds- 10 Russian kb swings (light) 10 air squats 10 lunges 10 toy soldiers   Strenth: Front squats x 3 building in weight   points of performance – high elbows – knees drive out – heels down   WOD: 30-20-10 kb swings (24/16) box jump over Ab mat sit ups […]

Warmup: 10min Tabata: Single skips Scap pull ups Assault bike Strict press   Strength: Push press x 3 building in weight   Points of performance – Drive off the heels – Aggressive hip drive – strong front rack   WOD: 3 Rounds: (FGB style) 1 minute stations. Double unders Muscle ups Cal assault bike Push […]

Warm up: 2 rounds for quality 200m row hip flow stretches 7 scap pull ups 5 kick back burpees 10 air squats   WOD: “Cindy” 20min Amrap 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 air squats   Part B: 7mins Max effort target burpees

Warm up: 2 Rounds: 200m Row 10m toy soldiers 10 lunges 8 RDL’s 5 kip swings   Strength: Deadlift 3 x 5 @80% (sets x reps)   Points of performance – High chest – Hips back   WOD: 3 RFT: 30 wall ball 20 deadlift (80/52.5) 10 toes to bar   Finisher: 500m Row AS […]

Warmup: 2 rounds: 100m Run 10m lunges 10m toy soldiers 8 perfect air squats 5m inchworm 10m bear crawl   Strength: Heavy hang power clean x 3 Points of performance – Catch in a dip – Fast elbows – Finish pull   WOD: 18 min AMRAP 21 hang power clean (40/30) 21 front squat 15 […]

Warm up: 1 RNFT: 20/18 row 10m lunge 15/12 cal bike 10 shoulder dislocates 10m OH lunges Part B: 20mins of gymnastics practice Handstand walking, toes to bar, muscle ups, pistols etc. W.O.D: EMOM 20:00 A) Max calorie row B) 10 OH lunge (50/35) C) Max Calorie assault bike D) 8-10 toes to bar

Warm up: 3 rounds: 100m run 10 leg swings 10 RDL’s 5 inch worms w/ push up W.O.D: Buy in 800m run -then- 10, 9, 8, …… 2, 1 Deadlifts (100/70) Hspu -then- Buy out: 400m run

Warm up: 2 rounds not for time: 2 x 20m burpee shuttles 10m toy soldiers 10m lunges 5 inchworms Strength: 1RM clean and Jerk! W.O.D: “Grace” 30 clean and jerk (60/40) 6 min time cap! In remaining time: Max effort double unders

Warm up: 3 RFQ: 10m burpee broad jumps 5 kip swings 5 slow wall squats 10 good mornings (pvc pipe) 10 strict press W.O.D: 3-6-9-12-15…etc 6min AMRAP Front squats (70/45) Box jumps -2min rest- 6min AMRAP Burpees Toes to bar -2min rest- 6min AMRAP Handstand push up kettle bell swings (24/16)

Warm up: 3 RNFT: 200m row 10m lunges 8 air squats 10m toy soldiers 5 kip swings Strength: Power snatch x 3 TnG (No heavier than 70/45) *Points of performance – catch in dip – keep bar close – heels down W.O.D: 15min AMRAP 15 wall balls 10 power snatch (40/30) 5 chest to bar […]