Dawn Raiders: Wednesday hero wod.   9:15am class, onwards; Interval Day: Every 3 mins for 5 rounds 1) row 25/20 cal + 12/10 box jump overs. 2) Every 3 mins bike 20/17cal +15 KB swings 28/20kg. 3) SKI 15/12 cal + 30 double unders

Cardio: 3x 1 km run, rest 3 mins.   WOD: for time 25 Pwr snatch 40/25kg 5 T2B 20 Pwr Snatch 10 T2B 15 Pwr snatch 15 T2B 10 Pwr snatch 20 T2B 5 Pwr snatch 25 T2B

Skill: 15min 3rm OH squat   WOD: For time Nasty Nancy 5 rounds For time 400m plate run 10/5kg, 15 OH squats 40/25kg, 1 rope climb

Skill = 15mins Pull ups, Pistols build to a max 5 rep set of weighted pull ups and pistols (pistols 5 per leg) WOD= For time 100 thrusters 50/35kg every minute drop bar and do 5 pull ups

Strength= 12 mins build up to a TnG 5 rep cluster. WOD= For time 15/12/9 Power Clean 70/45kg pull up 12/9/6 Squat clean c2b 9/6/3 Cluster bar mu

Strength: 15mins Squat snatch technique and build to Wod weight   WOD: For time 5 rounds of Cindy 2 squat snatch (70/45kg) 4x Cindy, 4x squat snatch, 3x Cindy, 6x squat snatch, 2x Cindy, 8x squat snatch, 1x Cindy, 10x squat snatch   Cindy = 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats

Skill: 12 min Pull ups work EMOM 7: choose a number of pull ups & hit it each minute for 7 minutes WOD: 5 rounds for time 30 WB 9/6kg 400m run