Warm up Snatch 15mins T2B tech 10mins Then EMOM x20 Option 1) 1) T2B (choose a number you can do for 10rds) 2) Snatch (1 Snatch @ 75-80%) Option 2) 1) 200m row or 10/7 cal bike 2) 1 Pwr Snatch, 1 Snatch, 1 OH squat (Hands stay on the bar)

WOD: For time 5 rounds 5 Clusters 100/60kg 5 MU/10C2B then 5 rounds 10 Deadlifts 100/60, BF Burpees then In remaining time work up to a heavy 5 RM Deadlift

21*15*9*15*21 KB Snatch 28/20kg *200m run Rest 3mins 10min Double under ladder (Jumping lunges) 5/10/15/25/30/35/40/45/50/45/40>5 Rest 3min In pairs 1min on 1 min for 6 rounds each Max Front squats 60/40kg… (From floor)

Warm up movements 15min then 3 rounds (individual) 30 Wall balls 9/6 15 Power Cleans 50/30kg 9min cap Straight into pair row max cals in 7min (alternate every 25/20cal) Rest 3mins EMOMx 12 (individual) 3 Power cleans add weight each minute Remaining time stretch or run Find row partner before WOD starts

Hero= Nukes 0-8mins to complete 1.6km run then max Deadlifts @ 140/100kg 8-18mins 1.6km then max Power cleans 100/70kg 18-30mins then max OH squats @ 60/40kg

In pairs do alternating 4x 500m row (max effort) WOD = For time 27*21*15*9*3 Thrusters 40/25kg Cal row/Bike Or 21/18/15/12/9/6/3 Thrusters 40/25kg BF burpees

Strength= Power Snatch 15mins build to a max 2 rep TNG…. WOD= For time 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 Pwr snatch 45/25kg Press ups /= 30 mountain climbers

Interval Day= 5x 6min EMOM…. 1) 12/10 cal AB + 10 slam balls 2) 15/12 T2B 3) 10/8 cal row + 5 over rower burpees. 4) choose a number MU 5) 14/10 WB 9/6kg + 20 Double unders… 3 min rest between each EMOM… Note groups of 4 rotating through each EMOM need another rower […]

Strength= 10min Cluster tech then EMOMx 10 5 TNG Clusters (choose a weight to go unbroken through 10rds WOD= For time 50 BF burpees 25 Clusters 70/45kg 10 Ring MU or C2B/Jumping C2B 50 BF burpees 17min cap

WOD = JT vs Donny For time… JT 21/15/9 HSPU Ring dips press ups straight in to Donny 21/15/9/9/15/21 Deadlift 100/70kg Burpees… Scaling for JT is as follows HSPU/ WC 9,6,3…. Ring dips/KB swings 28/20kg