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5×5 Weighted pull ups

Superset with

5×5 Weighted dips


For time:

 Ring Muscle Ups+

 Chest to bars

 Pull Ups+Burpee



MU – Low ring transition  or banded ring transition

CTB – pull up

pull up – Ring Row






20 mins to build to
max depth 3 rep strict HSPU … and
max depth 3 rep kipping HSPU

WOD – TC 17min 30 secs (2:30 rounds)
7 rounds for time
14/11 Cal Row
7 Power clean 50/35kg

Scale: row cals (finish in less than 1min), HSPU to 2x DB strict Press (challenging but UB for first 4-5 rounds), Power Clean should be able to go UB TnGo for 4-5 rounds.

Fran, Grace, Isabell, Karen – in EMOM format

This WOD is to be used to as an opportunity to focus on technique through each of the movements while working at sub maximal capacity.

Choose a scale/weight  that you can go unbroken on for each of the movements. Except for the pull ups. Attempt as many as you can do with good form and then finish the rest of the reps with ring rows.

have fun – Coach Prime

4 rounds each of …
a) 12 thrusters 42.5/30kg
b) 12 pull ups
Straight into
6 rounds each of …
c) Clean & Jerk 60/40kg
d) Snatch 60/40kg
Straight into
10 rounds of …
e) 15 Wall Balls 9/6kg