Hero= 3 Ladies… Diane 21/15/9 Deadlifts 100/75kg HSPU rest 3 mins (change weight) Elizabeth 21/15/9 pwr clean 60/40 rig dips rest 3 mins Isabel 30 snatch 60/40kg

Interval day= Warm up then in 3s hit this EMOM x45min as hard as possible it will work out at 1min on 2 mins off…. 12/9 cal bike ME deadball over shoulder (heavy) score is Dball OS reps. Group up with people using same dead ball

Strength= 1x Hang snatch 1x Snatch 1x OH squat TNG work up to a max set in 15mins.. WOD= 12 min AMRAP 7 pwr snatch 50/30 14 OH lunges Every drop of bar= 5 burpee penalty and restart count ie you drop after 4 snatches you do 5 burpees and start at 0 on snatches […]

Strength= 15mins Squat clean build to a heavy tng 2reps… WOD= For time *10*20*30*20*10* squat clean 50/35 *= 100m plate carry (plates off your bar) must be gripped on top of plate not the bottom or through holes

Hero= Bens 100 100 Rounds For Time of: 1 Strict HSPU, 2 Squat cleans 70/48 3 Burpees Get as far as you can in 45mins (compare with last score)

Strength= 20mins Deadlift build to a heavy 7×3 alt working sets with max strict Pull ups WOD= 15min AMRAP 7 deadlifts 100/75kg 7 c2b/pull ups 14 pistols/squats 24/16kg

Cardio= EMOM x10 20 double unders + 10/8 db snatches alt (take a weight you can string these together and switch hands in air not on ground…… WOD= 7min AMRAP 20 db snatches 22.5/15 10 db OH lunges rest 3min 7 min AMRAP 10 db OH squats 10 db facing burpees

Skill= 15mins working on progressions Bar Mu/c2b/pull up WOD= For time 5 rounds start each round with either a run 400m/row 500m/bike 25cal/ski 25 cal/25 burpees 30 Wall balls 9/6 5 bar muscle ups/10c2b or 7 burpee strict pull up.. You must do at least 1 run/row/bike/ski/burpee to start each round unless injured