Build to a heavy power clean x3 reps (touch & go) then:   12 min AMRAP 6 power cleans 60/40kg 6 Strict HSPU 40 Double Unders   Scales: HSPU to kpping (one abmat Max) or 2 wall Walks. DU to single single double under or to 25 bar hops

Tech: Weighted Pistols Build to 3RM (per leg) – scale to negatives or ring pistols Death by Toes to Bar: Min 1 = 1 TTB, Min 2 = 2 TTB, Min 3 = 3 TTB, Min 4 = 4 TTB … etc until failure or 20mins (whichever comes first) Note: if you fail before the […]

Farewell WOD for Pete & Dan! 5:15pm class will be divided into two teams. Team Dan & Team Pete. 4 people will be assigned to each station. Total reps will be added up. 5:15pm class coach will decide on punishment for non winning team. 30 min EMOM 40 sec work 20 sec transition Keep a […]

Gymnastics: Tech Muscle Up/Chest to Bar/Pull Up EMOMx12 a) Muscle Up / CTB/ Pull up – you choose reps b) Double Unders – you chooses reps Aim to maintain reps for entire EMOM 15min AMRAP 15/12 Cal Row 15 Box jumps 15 meball Clean 12/9kg

Strength; 1RM Turkish Getup – if over 32kg go to barbell – must start on non dominant side. Then: 16min AMRAP 16 KB Snatch 24/16 8 burpee over KB 200m run (If raining 200m row or 400m bike)

Tech: 12 min EMOM 2 Squat Snatch @ 60% of 1RM (NOT touch n go, reset after each rep) 8 min AMRAP: 8 DB Clean  2x 22.5kg 8 DB front squats 2x 22.5kg

Gymnastics: Ring MU progressions 1) beat/kip swing 2) transition on low rings (strict, banded & kipping with no band) 3) Ring MU 7min EMOM: 3-5 MU/C2B/PU – Focus on form/technique 5RFT 4 Front Squats 70/50 8 Dead Lift 70/50 16 Box Jumps 24/20

EMOMx20 a) 15/12 Cal Airbike b) 8-12 2x DB Clean 22.5/15kg c) 8-12 2x DB STOH 22.5/15kg c)  5 Deadball over shoulders 65/40 Ps: this was Danni’s idea 🙌🏽😂