WOD= GRACE 30 Clean and Jerks 60/40kg for time Strength= 5 rounds 10 GHD sit ups 5 Tyre flips 50 double unders

Strength= Overhead squat build to 5RM… WOD= For time 400m run then 5 rounds of 15 OH squats 50/35kg 9 BF burpees 400m run

Interval Day= Warm up Movements the 45min running clock… 15*12*9*6*3 Power clean 70/45kg *10 Ring dips/Push up at 9min…. rest 4min at 13min 5x max back squats @ 100/70kg 1 min on 1min off at 23min Rest 3mins at 26mins T2B pick a number and EMOMx 7 Row, Bike, Burpee to the 9min mark once […]

A reminder that this afternoons 6:15pm class and Saturdays will be dedicated to the Open WOD’s. Hero= Loredo 6 rounds for time 24 squats 24 Push ups 24 Walking Lunges 400m run 2 rope climbs Remaining time Muscle up practice

Strength= 3x 1 km run, rest 3 mins. WOD= For time 25 Pwr snatch 40/25kg 5 T2B 20 Pwr Snatch 10 T2B 15 Pwr snatch 15 T2B 10 Pwr snatch 20 T2B 5 Pwr snatch 25 T2B

Interval Day= Warm up movements, For time 5 rounds 20 KB swings (choose a weight you can do unbroken but be hard), 20 Wall balls 9/6kg, 200m run, 2 min rest. 10min EMOM 30-40 double unders and 3-5 burpees (in same minute)

Notice = The Strength & Conditioning area on Monday’s & Friday’s will not be available to our members until 5:45pm, as that area will be used for the new teens classes. Any questions, please feel free to message us on fb. Skill = 15mins Pull ups, Pistols build to a max 5 rep set of […]

Don’t forget to sign up for the 2017 CrossFit Open at games.crossfit.com Strength – 20mins to build up to max hang snatch (take your time building in weight). WOD – 20min AMRAP 10 Push press 50/30 10 KB swings 24/16 25 Dubs

Hero= Murph For time. 1 mile run (1.6 kilometers) 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Squats 1 mile run

The 2017 CrossFit Open is near! Head to games.crossfit.com to sign up. Interval day= 10 rds of either run 200m, 20/17 cal row or 15/12 cal bike then 10 Box jumps rest 1.30 between rounds (choose your weakest movement and do that) the run, row, bike should be hit hard. Strongman outdoor Sled push 200m, […]