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Strength= 1x Hang snatch 1x Snatch 1x OH squat TNG work up to a max set in 15mins..

WOD= 12 min AMRAP
7 pwr snatch 50/30
14 OH lunges
Every drop of bar= 5 burpee penalty and restart count ie you drop after 4 snatches you do 5 burpees and start at 0 on snatches (you can drop bar between sets but not mid set) ie no penalty for dropping after the 7th snatch or 14th lunge

Skill= 15mins working on progressions Bar Mu/c2b/pull up

WOD= For time 5 rounds start each round with either a run 400m/row 500m/bike 25cal/ski 25 cal/25 burpees
30 Wall balls 9/6
5 bar muscle ups/10c2b or 7 burpee strict pull up..
You must do at least 1 run/row/bike/ski/burpee to start each round unless injured

Interval day:

Warm up movements


For time:

400m run, 20 Pull ups, 1 rope climb

rest 3 mins

400m run, 20 T2B, 1 rope climb

rest 2 mins

200m run, 20 KB Snatch 32/24kg, 1 rope climb

rest 2 mins

20 T2B, 1 rope climb, 400m run

rest 3 mins

20 pull ups, 1 rope climb, 400m run