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Strongman Circuit :

In teams of 3-4, 2 rounds rotating through the following stations spending 4 minutes at each station accumulating as many reps as possible:

1. Fatbar Deadlifts 120/80
2. Dumbbell Bench Press 40/22.5
3. Deadball Over Shoulder 65/45
4. Sled Push 150/100
5. Tyre flips

Pairs WOD

30 min AMRAP
20 Double Unders
15 Push Ups
10 C2B (Pull Ups if you cannot go unbroken)
50m Sprint
Partner A does complete round then swaps with Partner B. Aim is to go UNBROKEN, as hard as you can. Scale so that you can get through each round AFAP.


15 min to build to 5RM Pair Deadlift