Strength: Max Thruster Work up to a heavy 1 rep thruster WOD: 21-18-15-9 Push press Rx-40/25 TTB *20 double unders between rounds 3 min rest 15-12-9 Thruster Rx-50/35 Over bar burpee *30 double unders between rounds 3min rest 9-6-3 Cluster Rx-60/45 Bar muscle ups *40 double unders between rounds 30 min time cap

Strength: Power snatch. Work up to a heavy 3rm touch and go. WOD: 17min AMRAP 8 CTB 10 Power Snatch 45/25 15 Wall balls 9/6 200m run

Strength: Work up to a 3rm push press. WOD: “Fight Gone Bad!” Three rounds of: Wall-ball 9/6 Sumo deadlift high-pull 42.5/25 Box Jump Push-press Burpee

Skill: T2B WOD: 12min cap 12*9*6* Pwr Snatch 50/35 *20 sit ups. rest 3min 12/9/6 OH squat/knee to elbow rest 3min rest 12/9/6 Squat snatch T2B Kia ora whānau, For those who are keen, we have a ZUU class tomorrow at 8:30am. Come in for a jam, and test yourself! #CrossFitWhangārei #WolfPack #ZUU #GAT

Strength: 16min EMOM 3 touch n go power cleans @ 60-70% of your 1rm. WOD: 12min AMRAP 30 Double unders 15 wall balls 9 Pull ups

WOD: 12 Days of Christmas for time. 1 SDHP 50/35kg 2 Wall climbs 3 Front squats 4 Pwr cleans 5 Pull ups 6 Pwr Snatches 7 T2B 8 Deadlifts 9 Burpees 10 S2OH 11 Press ups 12 1 block run

Interval day: 10 rnds of either run 200m, 20/17 cal row or 15/12 cal bike then 10 Box jumps rest 1.30 between rounds (choose your weakest movement and do that) the run, row, bike should be hit hard. Strongman outdoor Sled push 200m, drag 200m, tyre flip x 10 alternate these with 10 Lsits, 10 […]

WOD: DT (today is all about grip) 5 RFT 12 Deadlifts 70/45 9 Hang power cleans 6 Push jerks Strength: Deadlifts work up to a heavy triple between sets complete 100m Farmers carry and 5 Heavy Deadballs over the shoulder.

Strength: 20mins to do 5 rounds of 10 KB swings,10 snatches (each arm) 10 OH squats (each arm). Sets are unbroken so rest as needed, choose your own weight. WOD: 25min EMOM 1) 250/150m Row 2) 15/12 Box Jump overs 3) 12/10 KB swings 28/20kg 4) 40/30 Double unders 5) 12 C2B/Pull up

Strength: 12 mins Max Clean, 12mins max split jerk. WOD: For time 12/9/6 Power Clean 60/40 HSPU 12/9/6 Squat clean C2B 12/9/6 Cluster T2B