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Strength= 20mins to do 5 rounds of 10 KB swings,10 snatches (each arm) 10 OH squats (each arm) sets are unbroken so rest as needed, choose own weight,

WOD= 25min EMOM
1) 250/150m Row
2) 15/12 Box Jump overs
3) 12/10 KB swings 28/20kg 4) 40/30 Double unders
5) 12 C2B/Pull up

Good luck to all of out athlete’s who are competing in the AndFit Auckland 3’s this weekend. Go hard and enjoy yourselves, we’ve got your back all day✊.

Hero= Kelly 5 rounds for time
Run 400 meters
30 box jumps
30 Wall ball shots 6/9 kg

When you finish keep going until the last member is done then everyone rest 5 mins split into even teams and do max cals on bike in 7mins

Skill= Pull ups, go over kipping/butterfly tech then EMOM for as long as possible 5 Pull ups add 2 Pull ups every minute RX, Scaled choose a number for Pull ups and maintain it until the last RX person is finished.

WOD= For time
400m run
50 Double unders
20 Pull ups
20 Thrusters 45/25kg
200m run
20 Thrusters
20 Pull ups
50 Double unders
400m run