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Congratulations to Telea, for taking out the PB of the month challenge with her 50kg thruster✊

Skill: HSPU progressions, Hand stand walking. 40 HSPU not for time or 4 attempts at max distance HS walk

WOD: For time
30 * 20 * 10
S2OH 50/35

* 400m run between rounds


Good luck and safe travels to all our athletes heading down to Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) this weekend, to compete in the national individuals competition. WolfPack all day✊

Strength: OH Squat
Warm up to 70-80% then do 3×3 at that weight

WOD: For Time
Hang snatch 50/35
Wall balls


Phat shout out to our 1st place winner for the BLC, Tyler The Destroyer!!! There was only 1% that separated him and Keaton from the top spot. Big ups to everyone who participated in this competition, we hope that it has helped you reach another level on your CrossFit journey. We also want to make a special thank you to Jude, for constructing the weight in and weigh out process of our challenge.

#CrossFitWhangarei #WolfPack #GetSome

Strength: 4 rounds of
H/stand holds (holding for 30sec) rest as long as needed between sets.

WOD: For time ( running clock)

5 rounds
7 Deadlifts 50/30
7 Bar facing Burpees

Rest 3mins

4 rounds
6 Power cleans

Rest 3mins

3 rounds
10 Push press