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Interval day: 10 rnds of either run 200m, 20/17 cal row or 15/12 cal bike then 10 Box jumps rest 1.30 between rounds (choose your weakest movement and do that) the run, row, bike should be hit hard. Strongman outdoor Sled push 200m, drag 200m, tyre flip x 10 alternate these with 10 Lsits, 10 GHDs, 20 sit ups, 1min plank holds.

Strength: 20mins to do 5 rounds of 10 KB swings,10 snatches (each arm) 10 OH squats (each arm). Sets are unbroken so rest as needed, choose your own weight.

WOD: 25min EMOM
1) 250/150m Row
2) 15/12 Box Jump overs
3) 12/10 KB swings 28/20kg 4) 40/30 Double unders
5) 12 C2B/Pull up