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Notice: As of next week, both the Tues and Thurs open gym classes will end, and we will be starting normal CrossFit classes at 5:15pm for both days. Any questions, then feel free to message us on fb😊

Strength: 1RM Deadlift

WOD: For time
Deadlift 100/80
Box jumps


Welcome to September everyone!

Gymnastics: 3 rounds of
ME Handstand walking
ME Hspu or wall walks

WOD: “Chipper”
50 Alternating KB Snatch 24/16
400m run
40 Front squats 50/35
400m run
30 Pwr cleans 50/35
400m run
20 HSPU/10 wc
400m run
10 muscle ups/C2B/strict pull up