Strength: Front Squats 5×5 Building in weight.   WOD: Chipper courtesy of Coach Dan aka O.G😂 100 KB Swings 16/24 80 Box Jump Overs 60 Pull Ups 40 Wall Balls 6/9 20 HSPU or 10 Wall Climbs 10 Pistol Squats 30min Time Cap Cash Out: 40 One legged burpees (Alternate legs each rep).  

Strength: Deadlifts 75% 5reps, 80% 5reps, 85% 5reps WOD: “NANCY” 5 Rounds for time 400m Run 15 Over Head Squats 25/42.5  

😂😂 Strength: Weighted Pull Ups 5×3 2min Plank in between each set WOD: 20min AMRAP 10 KB Snatch 16/24 15 K2E 20 Push Ups 25 Air Squats 30 Double Unders  

Shirlz hanging out with Joelene Neville during Saturdays throw down. WOD courtesy of CrossFit Geebung Strength: 10mins Hang power Snatch Tech WOD: 4 rounds E3MO3M 8 Hang Power Snatch 35/50 400m Sprint 10 Over The Bar Burpee 200m Sprint 12 Front Squat 35/50 100m Sprint Rest for the remainder of each 3min  

WOD: In Pairs 100 Box Jump Over 30 Partner Wall Balls 6/9 100 Power Cleans 35/50 30 Partner Wall Balls 6/9 100 Box Jumps 30 Partner Wall Balls 6/9 100 S2OH 35/50 For time.    

Strength: Seated kettle bell Snatch. WOD: x3 5min AMRAP (2min rest between rounds) 1.) 400m run 21 front squats 40/25kg max burpees 2.) 400m run 21 thrusters 40/25kg max burpees 3.) 400m run 21 clusters max burpees  

Strength: Weighted Pull ups, 3 attempts at finding your max weighted  pull up or max strict pull up. WOD: 5 Rounds of 12 OH Squats 40/25kg 10 Box jumps 25 sit ups

Strength: Back Squat, find your 1 rep Max, after our 6week cycle.#GAINS#PB CITY WOD: 50-40-30-20-10 wall balls 9/6kg double unders 7 muscle ups/chest 2 bars/pull ups (after each round).

Strength: Strict shoulder press- from your back racked position. Warm up to a 5x2rep working sets. WOD: 20min AMRAP 6 strict HSPU or 3 wall climbs 8 ring dips 12 kb swings 24/16kg 200m run ( ONLY if raining 30 double unders)

Congrats to Alvis taking out the BLC and the other winners Frenchy,Kohi, Aimee and everyone that took part, was an awesome night. WOLFPACK all day!!! Strength: Find your 1 rep max deadlift WOD: “2013” ( courtesy of the wellington cup). FOR TIME: 30 toes to bar 30 squat cleans 60/40kg 30 bar facing burpees 30 […]