Strength – 25mins to establish a 1RM Back squat WOD – 14 min AMRAP 10 KB snatch, 5 per arm 24/16kg 10 pistol squats/20 Air Squats 10 HSPU/ 3 Wall climbs Finisher – 7 min Double under ladder    

8x 200m Max effort runs, rest 1 min after each run. Helen 3 RFT: 400m Run 21 KBS, 24/16kg 12 Pull ups

Strength= Build to a 3RM Push Press WOD 0-7 min 50 Over bar burpees then max pwr cleans 70/50kg 7-12min rest 12 min> 21/15/9 Front squat/push press 50/30kg  

WOD: 20min AMRAP 10 pull ups 10 deadlifts 100/70kg 10 box jump overs 10 hspu/ 5 wc 200m farmers carry with kb’s

Ash and O.G smashing out their T2B. Strength: 3 squat snatch, 10round EMOM You choose your weight. WOD: 3RFT 400m run 15 OH squats 45/30kg 30 Ab mat sit-ups          

Skill: Muscle up x3 1min rounds of max muscle ups. (Rest as needed between rounds) WOD: ‘Halloween’ (modified) 31 box jumps 31 CTB 31 Kb swings 31 FR step out lunges 45/30kg 31 TTB 31 push press 45/30kg 31 abmat sit-ups 31 Wall balls 31 burpees 400m run 20min AMRAP.  

Strength: 5×5 snatch grip, strict press. Building up to a heavy set. WOD: 5RFT 12 TTB 12 Thrusters 45/30kgki  

Skill: one arm overhead kb squat 3 sets x 5 reps per arm. Wod: 4Rounds of.   30 box jumps 30 wall balls 400m run 20min time cap.  

Strength.Clean 10min EMOM: Power clean + Squat clean. Wod.15min AMRAP 100 double unders 50 lateral bar burpees 30 clusters 60/40kg 10 muscle ups  

Skill- Pistol squats Gymnastics benchmark- 50 Pistols for timeZimmerman Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of. 11 Chest-to-bar pull-ups 2 Deadlifts, 140/90kg 10 Handstand push-ups