Skill: Weighted Push Ups 5,5,4,4,3,3,2,2,1 WOD: TABATA 20sec work 10sec rest a total of 8 rounds on each movement. Score is your LOWEST reps performed per exercise. KB Swings 16/24 Push Ups Wall Balls 6/9 Strict Pull Up    

Strength: Back Squat 75% x 5reps, 85% x 3reps, 95% x 1rep WOD: x2 8min AMRAP 10 SDHP 25/40 20 Goblet Squats 16/24 6 C2B 2min Rest 10 HSPU 15 Box Jumps 30 Sit Ups  

Warm up then test yourself with The crossfit WOD “Murph” as seen at this years crossfit games, minus the weighted vest. 1 mile run  (1600m) 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 air squats 1 mile run (1600m) for time. *Pull ups, push ups and air squats maybe partitioned. but must start and finish with the run.

Strength: O/H Squats-technique or 3×3 working sets, find a weight where you can hold a 3sec pause at the bottom of each rep. Wod: 800m-400m-200m 15 O/H squats 40/25kg 10 HSPU’s or 3 wall climbs 15 sit ups 3 rounds  

Strength: Push press warm up to 3×3  working sets. WOD: 60 wall balls 50 T2B or sit ups 40 hand release push ups 30 pull ups 20 deadlifts 100/80kg 10m handstand walks or 20m platr overhead lunge 20/10kg 10 muscle ups or ring dips 20min time cap  

Strength: snatch technique or 15 snatches for time @75% 10 snatches for time @80% 5 snatches for time @ 85% WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 power snatches 40/25kg over bar burpees    

Strength: Back squat WOD: 20 Front squats 50/35kg 400m run 20 kb swings 400m run 20 deadlifts 400m run 20 pull-ups 400m run 20 pwr cleans For time.  

Skill: Handstand push up, progressions, strict, kipping. Wod: 10-1 Front squat 60/40kg 1-10 HSPU’s *20 double unders after each round.

Strength: Power cleans, warm up to 3×3 working sets. Wod: 21-15-9 Hang pwr cleans 50/30kg press ups sit ups then straight into 21-15-9 Hang pwr cleans 50/30kg Pull ups Air squats For time: or 18min time cap

Strength: 3 attempts at a max time plank holds. Skill: Rope climbs, so don’t forget your long socks!!! working on rope climb technique Wod: 16 min EMOM 15/12 cal row 15 wall balls 10 OH lunges 40/20kg 2 rope climbs