Skill. Toes to bar/ knee tucks and double unders. 12min EMOM. WOD. ( courtesy of crossfit kerikeri, comp workout. wod 2) 21-15-9 Power clean Front squat Shoulder to overhead (Rx 60/40kg)  (Sc 40/30kg)

Strength. Push ups / weighted push ups. Wod. 400m run 15 clean and jerk 50/30kg 400m run 30 pull-ups 400m run 50 wall balls 400m run 30 kb swings 400m run 15 OH squats 50/30kg 30min time cap.

Strength. Cleans- working towards a 1rm. WOD. X2 6minAMRAP 8 cleans 60/40kg 6 HSPU or 3 w.Climbs 2min rest 10 goblet squats 24/16kg 10 ring dips

Partner WOD 40min AMRAP Both partners run together, then alternate either 5-10reps each. 400m Run 100 Split Jumps 200m Run 100 G2OH with plate 10/20 200m Run 100 Box Jumps 200m Run 100 Push Press 25/40 200m Run 100 Burpees 400m Run…    

  Strength Deadlift working up to 1rm 5,5,3,3,2,2,1,1,1   WOD 5 rounds for time 5 C2B 10 Deadlifts (Body weight) 15 KB Swing 16/24  

0-12min 3 rounds for time 10 Burpees 10 Snatch 50/35kg 200m 17-33min Tabata Core 40 > For time Pairs 60 Clean and Jerks 60% Roll out

0-7min EMOM C2B 15min> For time (BOTF) 50 WB, 50 DL, 50 S2OH, 150 Dubs 60/40kg 20min time cap 40-50min Butterfly tech 50-60min kipping HSPU tech Roll out

0-20min EMOM 1 Pwr clean, 1 front squat, 1 squat clean, 1 Jerk (unbroken) 10 Pull ups 25-35min For time 21/15/9 KB swings, Box Jumps, Sit ups 40-47min EMOM Pwr snatch (you choose the reps/weight, unbroken) 47> 5 rounds for time 10 OH squats 50/35kg 6 over bar burpees

0-20min 5×5 back squat building (short rest between sets) 25-31min 6min AMRAP 5 HSPU 30 dubs 33-45min Gymnastics (Muscle ups) 48min> For time 3 rounds 7 T2B 7 Thrusters 50/35kg Then 200m 2 rounds 7 T2B 7 Thrusters Then 200m 1 round 7 T2B 7 Thrusters 400m

Max Snatch 45mins Ring muscle ups 20 min Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes   12 Box jumps 6 Thrusters 45/27.5 200m run