Gymnastics: Push ups, weighted, push ups. inbetween;sets of inverted rows WOD:  10 Rounds For time 5 Pull ups 10 Push up 15 Air Squat

Strength: 20mins to find 1rm strict press WOD: For time 15 G2OH 40/60 800m run 15 G2OH 400m run 15 G2OH 200m run 15 G2OH

Strength- Overhead Squat -5x10reps building in weight. -Try to find a 10 rep Max. WOD- 0-7min Ladder-2,4,6,8,10….etc Overhead squats 45/25 Over bar burpees -rest 7-10min, then; 10-12min Max thrusters 45/25

Strength- Core “tabata” Sit-ups KB twist Supermans Hollow rocks WOD- EMOM 20min 12/15 Cal Row 11/15 slam balls 50m farmers carry 3/5 wall climbs 10/12 ring press ups

Strength- Clean 20mins to find your 1 rep max. WOD- For Time 800m run 30 squat cleans 40/60 200m run 30 power cleans 40/60 800m run 30 min Time Cap.

Gymnastics- – Kipping pull-ups – Handstand holds WOD- “Bradley” -10 rounds for time 100m run 10 pull ups 100m run 10 Burpees -30sec Rest.

Strength- Deadlift, warm up then; 5reps@60%, 5reps@65%,5reps@70% WOD- 12min AMRAP 4 Deadlifts 60/40 6 Front squats 8 Shoulder to overhead

PARTNER WOD. 30 MIN TIME CAP WOD starts with, 30 synchronised burpees then, 100 dead ball over shoulder (you choose weight) 100 sledge hammer tyre hits 10/5 While partner(A)is running partner (B)is working on the reps, when runner returns partners alternate. Then, 100 Clusters 60/40 Alternating turns,Partners can do no more than 5 reps at […]

Strength- 15 min Front Squats 3×3 WOD- CHIPPER 20 KB snatch 24/16 30 Front squat 45/30 40 Jumping lunges -400m run 15 KB snatch 20 Front squat 30 Jumping lunges -200m run 10 KB snatch 15 Front squats 30 jumping lunges -200m run 30min TIME CAP. Finisher- FLEX FRI Partner bicep curls, 10reps each with […]