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Celebrate your PB’s! If you manage to smash any PB’s this month, then throw it up on the board with your name. At the end of every month we will draw out one lucky persons name, who will receive some goodies😊

Strength: Strict pull ups & Good mornings
5x 5 strict pull ups & 5 x 10 good mornings

WOD: Down and up AMRAP 20min
50 Wall balls 9/6kg
*200m run
40* 30* 20* 10* 20* 30* 40


Strength/Tech: G2OH warm up then 4×1 building to a heavy weight.

WOD: 16ML.2 Modified

800m run

G2OH 42.5/30

In remaining time complete as many burpees as possible

12min time cap.