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Snatch – Work up to a single at 80% of 1RM. Then 4 sets of 2 reps at 70%

63 Double Unders – scale to 50 bar hops
15 T2B – scale to T2B progressions
9 Snatch 60/40 – scale weight and to Powe Snatch + OHS

Note: weight of the snatch’s should be such that you could do 9 reps unbroken if fresh.

Deadlift – Build to heavy single
“Technical Max” – ie if you have any deflection in your back when lifting … the weight stays the same or goes down.

1/2 Regionals 50s WOD
25 Cal Row
25 Box jump overs 60/50cm
25 Deadlifts 80/55kg
25 Wall Balls 9/6kg
25 Ring Dips
25 Wall Balls 9/6kg
25 Deadlifts 80/55kg
25 Box jump overs 60/50cm
25 Cal Row

Build up to 5 sets of 2xClean + 2xJerk
(I.e do 2 squat cleans and after the second rep do 2 jerks) – Technical Max

12 min AMRAP
5 thrusters 60/40kg
10 pull ups
30 double unders

1) scale the weight of the thrusters (UB all sets)
2) pull ups to jumping pull ups
3) 30 DU = 20 Bar hops

In teams of 2

AMRAP 30 Minutes
4 strict pull ups
8 front rack lunges 60/40
12 Deadlifts 60/40

Athlete 1 will run 100m while Athlete 2 completes one round of the WOD. Athlete 1 will rest the remainder of the time it takes athlete 2 to complete the round. Then they will swap and repeat

Scales: can scale up to a weighted strict pull up or scale down to banded pull ups or pull up negatives. It should be a challenge to complete these but still unbroken.
Scale the weight of the lunges and the deadlifts such that both movements can be completed in unbroken sets (for the entire WOD).