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Interval Day= Warm up movements then in pairs min on min off

1) EMOM x14 min on/min off 1x rope climb max cal bike (hit it hard)

Rest 5 mins

2) EMOM x14 min on/min off 7/5 t2b or 10 ab mat sit ups max cal row (hit it hard

Rest 5 min

5 mins 2’s or 3’s max Dead ball over shoulder (go heavy)

In pairs 5 rounds each:
20/17 calorie row/bike
*as hard as possible

15min AMRAP
3 rounds of
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 airsquats
-then 2 deadlifts (120/80kg)-
3 rounds of
5 pulls
10 push ups
15 air squats
-then 4 deadlifts (120/80kg)-

*repeat and keep adding 2 deadlifts each round

Skill work:
Emom 16:00
1.  1-3 rope climbs
2.  20-40 double unders + 6-10 db snatches (22.5kg/15kg)
*Start high and try hold numbers as long as possible.

12min Amrap:
15 wall balls (9/6)
50m run

At 12 minutes, partner up, and immediately go into 400m deadball carry
*choose a heavy weight