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Notices: Biggest loser weigh in is this Thursday between 4pm to 5pm. Meet at kensington gym reception. If you have any questions, please message our FB page.

Strength: Over head squat 20mins
Build up to a heavy 3 then at 50% 6min EMOM of 5 OH squats

WOD: For time
9/7/5 60/40kg
Power snatch
Rest 1 min

OH lunge
Rest 1 min

1km run


Congratulations Eliza, you are our lucky winner for PB of the month!! PB boards has been wiped, so we’re starting all over again. Get your PB up there team.

Strength: Bench press 25min
5x 10 bench press building & 5x 10 barbell bicep curls across

WOD: AMRAP x 20min
10 Pull ups
15 Press ups
20 Air squats

• Last day to get your name on the PB board before we draw a lucky winner. The lucky Wolf will be announced on our FB page on Weds 1st June.
• Those who are interested in joining up for the nutrition challenge, the weight in will be at the box tomorrow 31st May from 4:30-6pm. Bring $20 with you and hand it to Jude.

Strength: Snatch Warm up (12mins) then EMOM x12
2 Full snatch @ 70

WOD: For time 
3 rounds
5 Power snatch 70/45kg or 70% of 1rm snatch
10 pull ups
Rest 2 mins

3 rounds
5 Thrusters 70/45kg
30 Bar hops
Rest 2 min

3 rounds
5 OH squats 70/45kg
10 Over bar burpees