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WOD: Partner up

(Reps must be split evenly between pairs)

3 Rounds of 

40 Thrusters 40/25kg

40 Pull-ups

40 Box jumps

400m Run

Finisher: when teams have finished their last round they must complete, 40 Burpees over bar (alternating reps with partner).

Strength: Bar Complex

High hang pwr clean ( from hip) – Hang pwr clean (from knees) – pwr clean

hands remain on bar for entire complex,working up to a weight where you can executing each movement efficiently.


12 clean & jerk 60/40kg

3 muscle ups

9 clean & jerk

6 muscle ups

6 clean & jerks

9 muscle ups

3 clean and jerks

12 muscle ups



10mins: to work through HSPU Ladder 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (unbroken).

then; 10mins to accumulate max distance handstand walk.

(scaling options; wall climbs ladder/ max handstand hold on wall)

WOD: EMOM 20min

HSPU 7/5 WC 3

Box jump overs 15/12

30 double unders

KB swings 15/12 24/16kg

Strength: Bench Press

Warm up then; 3 x 3 increasing in weight.

WOD: For Time

50 Wall balls 9/6kg

15 CTB

40 Wall balls

10 CTB

30 Wall balls

10 CTB

20 Wall balls

15 CTB

20min Time Cap.

*penalty*  if wall balls are dropped 5 burpees must be completed before continuing.


WOD: Hero wod “Harper”

23 min AMRAP

9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
15  power cleans (60/40)
21 air squats
400-meter run with a 20/10 kg plate

Phoenix Firefighter Brad Harper, 23, of Peoria, Arizona, died while on the scene of a two-alarm fire on May 19, 2013. Harper loved being a firefighter and had worked with the Phoenix Fire Department, where he was assigned to Rescue 21, for two years. He is survived by his wife, Lena; three younger brothers, Ryan, Daniel and Jacob; and parents, Bob and Cyndy.