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Partner Wod

“Death by Kettle Bells”

100 KB Swings

100 KB goblet squats

100 KB snatches

100 KB lunges

*While partner 1 is working on reps, partner 2 runs 200m. partners switch when

runner returns.

*Continue until all reps are completed or the time runs out.

30min Time Cap.



Strength: Power Cleans

20mins to work up to a 3rm, tap and go reps,so no releasing the bar.

WOD: 2X 8MIN AMRAP, reps going up in even numbers eg; 2,4,6,8,10….etc 

KB snatches 28/20kg

box jumps

2.30min rest

Power cleans 60/40kg

pistol squats






Gymnastics conditioning: Bar complex; 3sets of

5-Bar muscle ups, 7-C2B, 9-Pull ups (without coming off the bar)   “OR”

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of unbroken reps. you choose from

ring rows, pull ups (bands allowed), C2B; rest as needed beetween sets.

WOD:  3 Rounds 

5 ring muscle ups/ strict ring dips/ strict pull ups

10 squat cleans 60/40kg

20 box jump overs

for time

20151118_192255 20151118_192251

Strength=Squat: Back Squat

3×3 building up in weight; then establish a 3RM

WOD: “Chipper”

50 wall balls 9/6kg

400m run

40 Front squats 50/35

400m run

30 Pwr snatches 50/35

400m run

20 HSPU/ 10 wc

400m run

10 muscle ups/C2B/strict pull up

For Time (25min time cap).



Well done to our Masters team,Wiki,Kate, Vicki

& george, taking out 9th place on the weekend. solid team!!!



2mins to Run 200m, then;

Max burpees in remaining time

3 rounds with 1:30min rest between rounds. score=total no. of burpees.

WOD: 15min AMRAP


10 Deadlifts 80/60kg

15 KB swings 24/16kg

20 Double unders

20151116_192451 20151116_192448



Skills: Handstand Push Ups, Muscle up Progressions

WOD: In 3 minutes

  1. Run/Row 400 metres then maximum HSPU (2 min rest)
  2. Run/Row 400 metres then maximum Burpee Box Jumps (2 min rest)
  3. Run/Row 400 metres then maximum Kb Swings (2 min rest)
  4. Run/Row 400 metres then maximum Muscle Ups/Ring Dips
  5. image

Strength: Back Squat 3 x 10 Front Squat 2 x 8

WOD: Regional Individual Event 4 2012

50 Back Squats (60/40)

40 Pull Ups

30 Shoulder to Overhead (60/40)

50 Front Squats (40/30)

40 Pull Ups

30 Shoulder to Overhead (40/30)

50 Overhead Squats (30/20)

40 Pull Ups

30 Shoulder to Overhead (30/20)

35 min time cap